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What does Filum do?

Filum is an experience management platform that empowers businesses to create excellent experiences with the power of data and cutting-edge technologies.

Starting with customer experience, our products and solutions are designed to help you deeply understand your customers, then strategize, prepare, execute, and collaborate to affect all aspects of the customer experience for your company.

What is a data connection?

A data connection is a source of data that you want to connect to Filum. It’s where your data originates. Start adding a data connection to collect data to understand who your customers are, what they’re buying from you, or how your teams are communicating with your customers.

What kind of data can Filum collect?

  • Basic and Demographic Data: Contact sources help you to collect customer basic information (E.g: Name, phone, email, gender, etc.) to Filum.
  • Transactional Data: Transactional data is information that is captured from customers’ transactions with your company.
  • Behavioral Data: Behavioral customer data shows how customers interact with your company, including activities they’ve done on websites or mobile apps; how they’ve interacted with your posts, ads, or emails; and how they’ve communicated with your live chat or customer service teams.
  • Attitudinal Or Experience Data: Attitudinal customer data help you know how customers feel about your company. For example: customer satisfaction data, customer reviews, and feedback data on different 3rd-party review platforms.

How does Filum collect the data?

Filum collects data using events. User interaction on a website/mobile apps or any changes in a 3rd-party application can be treated as an event. These events will be sent to Filum using our Source Connectors.

There are two most popular types of events in Filum: Identify and Track.

Identify: as the name states, helps to identify an user as they start using your services. You should call Identify whenever an user does sign in, sign up or update their properties like email, phone, address, avatar etc.

Reference: Identify properties

Track: helps to trace the behavior/action of your user. Track event should have a meaningful name (Eg: Transaction Completed, Message Created, Call Created, etc.) and (optional) a list of properties related to that action.

Reference: Event Specifications


Libraries require access and edit permissions to your existing code base (of your website, mobile app or backend services etc.)

Web Application

Mobile Application

Backend Services

Direct HTTP Event API Source

If your system is not included in the above list, you still can send your events to Filum using direct HTTP Request